What is Social Work?

When you are stuck, sometimes you have to be reminded to go back to basics..

Advocates of Change

As I have mentioned in my bio, I am very passionate about Social Work. Currently, I am working on my Bachelor of Social Work and plan to obtain my Master of Social Work within the next couple of years. Many, if not all, of my post will be directly related to my studies in Social Work. This post, however, will provide some information on the career of Social Work itself. 

The 6 Core Values of Social Work are:

  1. Service
  2. Social Justice
  3. Dignity and worth of a person
  4. Importance of human relationships
  5. Integrity
  6. Competence

**You can learn more about these core values by visiting the National Association of Social Workers website.

How I perceive Social Work:

Imagine a magic mirror that didn’t reflect your biggest flaws and mistakes, but instead reflected all of your greatest strengths and talents. Every morning when you looked into that mirror the eyes staring back…

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