Confessions of a pen hoarder


I was cleaning the house this morning and was reminded of another “tool of the trade”. I am constantly going to work, grabbing a pen, putting it in my pocket, and emptying it out at home. Sometimes I don’t empty them prior to the laundry is done (and that has been a problem). Then every month or so I end up with a pile of pens that sometimes goes back to work. My wife wonders why every agency I have worked for hasn’t gone broke with the amount of pens I bring home.

Sometimes in social work, pens are like blue and black gold. A lack of one can certainly cause some problems. In the spirit of doing things differently to remove barriers, I will make an effort to leave my pens in the office where they belong. If not I will bring them back as promptly. My co-workers can look forward to me bringing the above pens and put them in our supply closet. I will keep you updated on my (hopefully) continued progress with this goal.


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