Scholarly Saturday- Bridging the Gap between Micro and Macro..

The work of Vodde and Gallant (2002) uses narrative theory and practice to expand it to a larger community to make change. They examine the work of David White with anorexic patients. He would write letters to the patients after sessions and the clients would write back about their experiences. He compiled these letters to form the “The Anti-Anorexia-Bulimia League”  so clients could share their stories with other clients. This created a network of support in the community. My summary oversimplifies the theories.

Out of the stories (micro) grew a larger therapeutic and active community (macro). The line of when this micro intervention became a macro intervention is thin. It is our role as social workers, no matter what we call ourselves, to be agents for change. From my perspective, if you are in the micro “camp,” think about how your skills can bring about “macro” change. If you are macro social worker think carefully how your footprint is affecting the micro world.  I think it is in filling the space between micro and macro that creates an effective intervention. According to Vodde and Gallant (2002) no matter which place (micro or macro) we put ourselves, we attempt to help make a new story for our clients.  How are you helping to make a new story for your clients or community?


Vodde, R., Gallent, J.P. (2002)  Bridging the gap between Mirco and Macro: Large scale change and a unified  model of narrative-deconstructive practice. Journal of Social Work Education Vol. 8, (3).  p. 439-458.




Journal of Social Work Education Vol. 38, No. 3



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