Tools for Practice Tuesday- Motivational Interviewing

The official website of is a great resource for new clinicians and devotees of MI (Motivational Interviewing).

For new clinicians there is a “Basics” section found at

Also for those practicing MI there are resources for clinicians and supervisors. There are a lot of free handouts and worksheets to maintain skills at

My love affair with MI began about 9 years ago with adopting the use of the “cost/benefit analysis.”  Working  in a foster care prevention program, we started using it to engage with clients about school truancy.  It did not always equal progress but this discussion with the client about “the benefits of not going to school” was helpful in engaging with challenging clients.   This is one of the many aspects about MI that I have found helpful. Since then, I have adapted it in multiple settings to help clients think about their choices. There must be some benefit to a client making unhealthy choices. I think this an important part to healthy engagement and treatment. Rather than lecture, listen to the client’s story about their choices.



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