NEEDED: Social Workers – Idealism a MUST!

A great reminder that our clients are capable of change and most importantly so are we!

American Social Worker in London

Much like many on my Social Work programs – both as an undergraduate and a graduate student – I started my career with wide eyed optimism that would stay with me even through confrontation from cynical Social Work lifers who’ve “been there, done that and saw it die a horrible death”.

As a Social Worker cynicism is always hot on your trail due to bureaucracy overload, horribly managed structural changes, legislative changes, changing political agendas and many other optimism crushing factors. However, none of it diminishes the need for optimism or the belief that change is not only needed, but indeed possible even in some of the most hopeless seeming situations. The moment you stop believing change is possible, as a Social Worker, is the moment it is time to leave Social Work because with that frame of mind you have already limited your ability to be as effective as you…

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