Improving Practice through Supervision

This is a great reminder of the importance of good supervision. In our focus for “productivity” we often lose focus of the good work. This is a great reminder to get back to our roots and pay attention to the “process” of good social work.

American Social Worker in London

As Social Work continues to be scrutinised here in England and the numerous initiatives put in place to address perceived skill gaps we see the continuation and implementation of programs to “fix” the problems in Social Work for those who are starting out. We have the Frontline programme aimed at fast tracking “quality” candidates through Social Work training to get them on the frontline and working with vulnerable people. We have the Step Up program, which is “a training programme which enables trainees to work towards a qualification to practise as a social worker at the same time as gaining intensive hands-on experience. It has been designed to enable high-achieving graduates or career changers who have experience of working with children and young people to train to become qualified social workers.[1]” They are also looking for proposals for innovation in Social Work to improve child protection outcomes in failing local…

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