Returning to work after days off without panicking

This is a follow up to my post “Taking Days off Without Panicking

Alright, I survived the transition to my series of mini-vacations. I was able to be productive on the two days that I worked each week. The temptation to check my voicemail and email remotely (hooray technology  :)) is there.  I am going to keep that urge down and finish this post, play on twitter, do some reading and go to bed. I am fighting that urge with the following…

I had a really awesome time with friends and family and will spend some time being thankful for that. We had the opportunity to do some traveling and visit friends and family. Not everyone has the chance to do this but I am glad that I did. I am reflecting on how lucky I am to have a great house, family, and friends. I got to play golf with my dad, see my kid play tee ball for the first time, spend some alone time with my wife, and quality time with my kids. I am feeling ready to face challenges for people who don’t always have these opportunities.

Although I have not been to work, the support of my “virtual” colleagues on WordPress, Twitter, and Facebook has been therapeutic. Clearly I can’t just “shut it off ” but keeping with my virtual mission has been helpful. I would love to hear what others do after taking time off to maintain self care on their last evening? Thanks and I will be going back to the real social work world at about 8:30 AM.


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