Can SHE get a round of applause?

After I read “A Student Educates Her Teacher” from Psychology Today, I heard a round of applause in the background.  The article is written by a college professor summarizing  a student’s efforts to advocate her work as a drama therapist. This student was an intern on the forensic unit of the Bellevue Psychiatric hospital.  She answered a letter to the editor accusing the therapeutic work done with prisoners as being “cushy” so clients can “avoid jail time.”

Her letter in return is eloquent. I read this during my lunch break and just wanted to get up and cheer! It highlights why we do what we do and the importance of how we do it.  The teacher’s reflections are also energizing. If you are feeling discouraged by your work in a helping profession, make this your go-to post. Also give yourself a round of applause.




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