Restricted Restraint

Thinking carefully about restraint..

Mental Health Cop

PPC Right, here’s a restraint related situation for you! —

It doesn’t matter which of the following three scenarios we’re contemplating or whether you’re thinking of your own – it could be a police officer dealing with a drunk person who is offending and needs to be arrested; a mental health nurse attempting to safeguard a patient or administer medication that is required; it could be security in a pub or A&E attempting to remove a disruptive customer. Of course, there are plenty of other possibilities.

Just imagine you are the person who will have to engage in the restraint of another person and they are exhibiting what the police would described as passively resistant behaviours. In other words, they’re not attempting to hurt you or anyone else, not armed with weapons and not lashing out to hit people. The person is just refusing to move or leave; or consent to…

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