On MineCraft & Mommihood

A great way to embrace technology to provide a new “language” to measure progress. Awesome, cheap, therapeutic intervention!!

My Puzzling Piece: A Glance Into MY Puzzling Existance

On Minecraft & Mommihood

“If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” said no Mom before, ever, in regards to any sort of video game.

I’m about to change that.

A few days ago I saw the following interview on Jon Stewarts’ The Daily Show, in which Ron Suskind talks about his son, Owen, and his new book, Life Animated: (click here, if you haven’t seen this interview, you really should!)

It really, really made me think.

I started thinking about all the interventions we are doing with our son, Christian. We are teaching him social skills, we are teaching him how to read non-verbal communication, we are teaching him using applied behavior analysis how to interact with the world a little more effectively.

We are, in essence, teaching him how to speak our language, without making much of an effort to learn his language. Why is that…

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