My 100 followers, 100 like, treatment review on WordPress.

In social work we typically do a 30 day assessment or 90 day treatment review for our clients. Well I am late for that; so about 4 months in I decided to summarize the progress of my “goals” on Wordpress . I set out to expand the conversation about thinking differently with challenging issues in social work and other helping professions. That mission has certainly succeeded. Based on feedback that I have gotten some of my original work and resources has really helped some.

What I did not expect was the groundswell of information and perspectives I would get from others. In my own net, I caught other resources and stories which have helped me in my practice. I have shared others’  innovative thoughts with clients, co-workers and other collaborators in the community that I work. I follow some great people and I would hate to leave someone out but these are my top 10 on WordPress thus far (in no particular order)

1) Emma’s Hope Book – practical advice for parents with a child with autism in a real professional voice.

2)Special Ed is Effin Bonkers– one of my favorite jobs was working for a school with adolescents with emotional distarbances. Sadly that program closed down; but my respect for special education and education has not died. just getting off the ground but a great perspective.

3) Kitt O’Malley– This one I am certain comes with mutual respect. Writes from the perspective of someone who has Bipolar but also is a Licensed marrigage and family therapist; this makes for some insightful and daring writing.

4)Social Justice Solutions– Pretty much says it all. Fresh perspectives on social justice and ways to think differently about them.

5)Diane Ravitch– THE voice on education issues and advocacy. Offering the latest news on not losing sight on the goal of educating our children, not testing them to death.

6)Social Work Helper– awesome, self explanatory resource!

7) Mental Health Cop – challenging and thought provoking perspectives from a police officer in the UK about his intersection with mental health issues.

8) My Puzziling Piece–  Another great perspective from a parent (also professionally a nurse) advocating and navigating services for her child with autism.

9) Healing from Complex Trauma and PTSD/CPSD –  someone sharing their story and resources in a concise and professional manner.

10) Nikki Lacherza’s Blog –  thought provoking articles on a variety of mental health issues.

Please forgive me if I left you out. This was a tough task to do but there have been some great voices out there thus far. I also share other’s stories a little bit more rapid fire on my Twitter and Facebook pages.  I will be doing a twitter addition of this as I quickly close in on 400 followers on Twitter.  thanks all.


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