Scholarly Saturday- Mixed Methods Research

Scholarly Saturday- Mixed Methods Research

Twitter chats continue to be rich with information and resources. The #macrosw chat about program evaluation was no exception. One of the topics that came up  was the concept mixed methods research (thanks to for the reminder). In this chat I expressed my growing concern that programs are being cut due to lack of “results.”

My frustration is that “results” based on Quantitative measures (the numbers), don’t always  reflect Qualitative measures or the perceived impact a program has on individuals. The below article is a great introduction to this concept to make numbers come more alive.

Follow this link that is a Google search to the PDF on the right hand side.

 Green, J.C, Caracelli, V.J. and Graham, W.F. (1989)Toward a Conceptual Framework for Mixed-Method Evaluation Designs. Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis. Fall 1989, Vol. 11, No. 3, pp. 255-274



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