Tools for Practice Tuesday- I am late because of a Twitter Chat!!

Tools for Practice Tuesday- Twitter Chats

The mission of my blog was inspired by the 5 fellow members of my team who brainstorm and share resources with each other in our small space. I thought I was coming up with a new idea (silly me) to bring it to the internet. One of the biggest vehicles for sharing information are Twitter Chats.

I did not post my internet tool for practice yesterday because of a twitter chat. For those who don’t know, Twitter chats are an assigned time (usually an hour) with a moderator asking questions or topics. You use a specific #hashtag to respond and/or follow along.

I have referenced them before and here is an example of transcript of the two hour mega chat between #innopsy and #hcldr about integrating behavioral and medical health care. I also enjoy participating in the #macrosw twitter chat as well. There are many more where you can find new ideas and approaches. Anyone know of any other good twitter chats to help us network, brainstorm, and develop new interventions in mental health? Is there a specific youth mental health Twitter Chat out there? (if not there may be one coming soon 🙂 )



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