We Made Them Into More Competent Criminals

Wow…A great post about focusing on solutions and staying positive when feeling hopeless.

The Traveling Social Worker

My job: I look after juvenile offenders. For the purpose of maintaining confidentiality, I won’t say where. The other day I was describing to a friend about what I do for a living. I explained what the title of the job was, in general terms what I do with the offenders, and the fact that we run programmes/a school system in the facility for the offenders.

Then they asked me, “Aren’t you making them into more competent criminals?”

At first, the question took me off guard and I became defensive. Then I began to unpack what she meant.

– They can get educated

– They can get in better shape i.e.. stronger and quicker

– They can share crime stories with each other, ensuring they don’t make the same mistakes twice and glamorizing their lifestyle

Surly this is a cynical point of view. Yes these things can happen, but they don’t always lead to more crime. There…

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