Tools for Practice Tuesday – Virtual Hope Box

Tools for Practice Tuesday- Virtual Hope Box

For the second week in a row the folks at the #SPSM Twitter Chat (Suicide Prevention and Social Media) knocked it out of the park with a really awesome piece of technology. Along with its’ chat moderator (@docforeman), #SPSM is becoming an essential hashtag to follow for mental health and suicide prevention resources.

Virtual Hope Box

The Virtual Hope Box was presented in this Twitter Chat by Nigel Bush one of the developers of the product. The Virtual Hope Box is a phone app that offers a variety of ways to manage mental health symptoms. As a clinician I LOVE this product because it something consumer and clinician do together. There is both a client manual and a clinician manual. It not only is collaborative but extends the clinical session beyond the one hour session per week. What a great way to utilize technology and provide others with a mean to recover from their mental health diagnosis. Did I also mention that it is FREE 🙂 ??  Please take the time to look at this and consider using this in your practice.

Sean 🙂


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