4 thoughts on “A Great Reminder of the Racial Narrative

  1. teddybear192837

    Hi! I really like this blog. I wanted to ask you, what do you feel are your biggest challenges working as a social worker?

    And, what current ideological trends do you feel we most need to change in society to promote mental health?


    1. Thanks for stopping by but huge questions to answer. I always have a lot to say so this will be tricky. But a short answer for both is the need to develop more prevention services. Focus on earlier interventions to reduce stigma and prevent the need for inpatient services. Great questions that probably warrants it’s own blog post 🙂


      1. teddybear192837

        Yeah I see how the questions could take a while to answer. But just in your short answer there I saw something interesting – you said, “to reduce stigma”. I see this phrase mentioned a lot in the mental health circle. I talk about stigma as well, but maybe not in the same light. Why would you want to reduce stigma?


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