Scholarly Saturday – With A Little Help From My Friends (Part 2)

Scholarly Saturday – Peer Supports- A Literature Review

This new post was inspired by the folks at #mhsm tweet chat. This weeks tweet chat was on peer supports.  It inspired me to look for more evidence about the effectiveness of peer supports. I have blogged before about how I feel peer supports have a ton of value. This tweet chat inspired me to go a little further.

The work of of Repper and Carter (2011) demonstrates that peer supports reduced inpatient admissions and led to other positive outcomes. It also outlines the challenges of developing peer supports. This is a great article for those interested in this topic.

Since last blogging about this topic I have grown to respect the peer and patient community. There is such a strong presence of peer and patient advocacy on social media (it would probably warrant it’s own post). There is a lot to learn from the experience of peers and patients.

I have also learned the terminology “lived experience” (#LivedExp on Twitter). There are a lot of people with lived experience willing to share their stories with others. If you are on twitter there are some great stories to be found that have helped me and hopefully can help you.

Repper,J. and Carter (2011) A review of the literature on peer support in mental health
services.  Journal of Mental Health, August 2011; 20(4): 392–411


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