Institute on Social Exclusion Update: Youth Mentoring on Chicago’s South Side

What an awesome example of youth engagement. This made me want to get up and cheer! Look forward to hearing about the success of this program…

The Socially Responsible Practitioner

SRP 280x280Chicago’s South Side neighborhood of Englewood experiences high rates of crime, poverty, and violence. Under these conditions and with a general lack of resources, young people who live there are less likely than youth in other Chicago neighborhoods to develop into healthy adults.

The youth in Englewood experience social exclusion: the process by which certain groups are denied access to basic resources, opportunities, and rights that are otherwise provided in developed communities.  Yet they are not taught or provided the opportunity to challenge and change the conditions under which they live to create a better community, one that provides them the resources and support they deserve.

Thus, the Adler School’s Institute on Social Exclusion (ISE) is developing a youth mentoring program for Englewood. “The Unanticipated Voice” aims to address systemic community issues through civic engagement in policy change and community needs.  The intent is to engage youth in the issues affecting their community while providing knowledge and skills to…

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