Scholarly Saturday- Video Games Causing Violence?


Scholarly Saturday- Guns And Controllers: Do Violent Video Games Cause Aggressive Behaviour? A Review Of Meta-Analytic Research

Typically in this feature, I review one scholarly article and share my thoughts. This time a borrowed from a fellow blogger (@AlexisDelanior on twitter) that has reviewed many articles to review this rather complex issue. It reviewed the controversy of defining the effect video games has on violence, in a detailed yet clear manner. I also want give credit to Anna Kaminsky on twitter for sharing this last evening.

Having recently attended a training on video game / internet addiction; What I concluded from this article and training is the concern about exposure.  Similar to our children’s food diet, we need to pay attention to our children’s “media diet” as well. How much media are they taking in and how? Have a an honest  discussion about this and develop a plan to limit this. This can be tricky but valuable discussion to have with your child, family, and anyone in your support system.


One thought on “Scholarly Saturday- Video Games Causing Violence?

  1. Thank you very much for sharing my article! What’s interesting is, as I mentioned in my post, it seems to be that longer exposure times may actually have smaller effect sizes, suggesting that the initial behavioural effect outcomes from violent media decline over time. This was Ferguson’s conclusion, but it seems consistent with the previous results in other studies on desensitization. I suppose it’s like, to use your analogy, a child eating a lot of sugar. Initially, a few good pieces of candy is going to make them hyper and energetic. After eating a few more, though, the effects don’t exactly increase — in fact, they may actually start to crash with the more they eat. So while aggressive behaviour is of concern, I think the biggest concern is long-term desensitization to violence.

    Again, thank you for sharing! If you have any comments or critiques, feel free to comment on my article or reflect on them on your blog. I look forward to your future content!

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