Scholarly Saturday- Stigma and Help Seeking in #MentalHealth

Scholarly Saturday- Stigma and Help Seeking in #Mental Health

In the last several weeks I have had lot conversations about mental health stigma. As a result I started wondering if anyone had started measure the impact of mental health stigma on treatment . In this search I found the work of ..

This work not only examines stigma but also examines some of the other elements that have prevented people from seeking mental health treatment. This is solid review of the quantitative and qualitative elements of help seeking and their potential barriers. Worth a good look.

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2 thoughts on “Scholarly Saturday- Stigma and Help Seeking in #MentalHealth

  1. The biggest barrier for me has always been wait lists and the types of treatment available. I’ve cone to despise anti-stigma campaigns over the last few years because no amount of kindness and understanding from others increases service availability. Now, I do hope that with understanding comes more money but that’s just not happening. Fine, I feel less stigmatized, I seek help but now I have to wait 3 months, 6 months, a year, sometimes more!

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    1. Been engaging with a lot of advocates/ service users. The waitlist /access stories have floored me. I am not really on the “business” end of mental health care, but want to know more about this. Why are waitlists so long? It does not make sense. From the business end the demand far exceeds the supply. I have no idea what starting an outpatient clinic entails but it seems like we need more. Or is it a shortage of psychiatrists (especially with children)? More research for me and a blog post in the future 🙂
      One of the movement that I am encouraged by is integration with healthcare / primary care. Having therapists is GP offices is increasing access and reducing stigma.

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