This is a story that mental health practitioners should take a very serious look at. Users of our services don’t feel like it is a two way street. Please read the attached tweets and think carefully about how you can improve engagement..


Tweets on the hashtag #WhyWeDontEngage.

How the hashtag #WhyWeDontEngage was created – @BipolarBlogger’s tweets.

My tweets on the hashtag.

Next, Storify stories saved in bite-sized chunks because there are just so many of them. (The Storify stories are still to be edited – there’s a little hashtag spam.) All the tweets from Friday 19th December, when @BipolarBlogger started the hashtag.

  1. #WhyWeDontEngage 1
  2. #WhyWeDontEngage 2
  3. #WhyWeDontEngage 3
  4. #WhyWeDontEngage 4
  5. #WhyWeDontEngage 5
  6. #WhyWeDontEngage 6
  7. #WhyWeDontEngage 7
  8. #WhyWeDontEngage 8
  9. #WhyWeDontEngage 9
  10. #WhyWeDontEngage 10

A rather shorter Storify story: #WhyWeDoEngage

Tweets on the #WhyWeDontEngage hashtag on Saturday 20th:

  1. #WhyWeDontEngage 11
  2. #WhyWeDontEngage 12
  3. #WhyWeDontEngage 13
  4. #WhyWeDon’tEngage 14
  5. #WhyWeDontEngage 15

Tweets on the #WhyWeDontEngage hashtag on Sunday 21st:

  1. #WhyWeDontEngage 16





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