Dear Santa, please put mental health on the national curriculum

YES!! The key is education and subsequent de-stigmatization of mental health issues for youth. I would like to add that supporting integration with mental health and primary care for youth is in on my wish list. Going to mental health treatment should just feel like “just going to the doctor”.


With a 2015 just around the corner and a General Election on the horizon UK mental health charity Rethink asked five bloggers what their one wish would be for people with mental illness for the year ahead. I was asked what I’d like to see in our schools and colleges.

Like many with mental health problems, my first symptoms appeared when I was a teenager. At the time, I had no idea anything was wrong. I knew adolescence was meant to be a rollercoaster, what with the ‘raging hormones’ and such-like, but I had no idea that my feelings of worthlessness and self-loathing weren’t just a normal part of teenage ‘brooding’.

Looking back, I sometimes feel quite angry. Why didn’t someone realise? Why didn’t *I* realise? I can’t now think of a more obvious case of depression. But with so few realistic portrayals of mental illness on TV at the time…

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