3 thoughts on “Scholarly Saturday: Minor’s Refusal of Life Saving Therapies

  1. Monique

    Thanks for sharing the legal information. I attended an excellent workshop that included a presentation by an experienced professional that worked with bioethics in healthcare. The bioethics presenter said in all of the referrals she worked on, the number one issue was communication. I of course do not know everything that occurred in this situation, but I hazard a guess that communication (including the quality of) was missing. Did they truly listen to this young lady about her fears? Did they validate her fears and not minimize them? Did they truly listen? Did they provide patient education about chemo and her disease? Did they honestly explain what she would go through?

    Again, I truly believe that medical settings need social workers.

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      1. Monique

        Patient-centered is a good philosophy, unfortunately some patients may feel placed in the hot seat when talked “to” by some medical professionals. Some medical professionals dictate to patients/families what treatment will be done, and there is sometimes the expectation that patients/families should not question their medical providers (or they are referred to as “non-compliant”). Some patients and family may even feel bullied by medical professionals. Some medical providers seek to direct their patient’s care, instead of allowing the patient to be directly involved in the decision making process.

        The ironic piece to this is that you can join the military at the age of 17 with parental consent and potentially go to war………(food for thought). If the argument by some is decision making capacity, then it certainly is looked at differently by different entities. Is War not a life and death situation?

        Good NPR piece you posted. I appreciated how they provided information about interdisciplinary teams in health care (and included social workers!)

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