Scholarly Saturday- Improving Care for Depression and Suicidal Risk In Adolescents..

A few days ago, I joined the suicide prevention task force in the county that I work. My role will focus on increasing the task force’s presence in he community. In looking for some research relevant to this I found..

Asarnow, J. R., & Miranda, J. (2014). Improving Care for Depression & Suicide Risk in Adolescents: Innovative Strategies for Bringing Treatments to Community Settings. Annual Review of Clinical Psychology, 10, 275–303. doi:10.1146/annurev-clinpsy-032813-153742

In brainstorming ideas in the task force, we discussed the need to reach out to schools, primary care, and perhaps clergy. This research documents some of the efforts to do this already. With innovative programs at the end, one in an ER the other in primary care. This is a great place to start for frameworks to treat depression and suicidal risks various community settings. The article also reviews potential barriers to implementation.

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