hilHow we view “space” in social work

Great post!! As someone who does home and community based work, this is a great concept to consider. What does the space you are visiting mean to you? I feel that home visiting is so beneficial for clinical work but you should put it in context. People don’t always “choose” to have a social worker in their home. We are in people’s space but that should come with us honoring and respecting that. This can lead to a great assessment and even better clinical work….


space_2Many of us are aware of how our environments can impact our moods, how we interact and move. How we act at home is different from how we act at work. At home we may spend the evening for hours on end with our feet up, simultaneously playing on our phone or tablet while watching TV. We may yell across the room asking our partner to bring us a drink while telling the whining dog to be quiet. At work, we might be sitting upright, professional and focused on our work. Our language will probably be more guarded and we may engage with more eye contact and hand shakes. The space itself, though familiar, will be more sterile and we may be mindful of how we behave in that space. If we are sitting on a company couch, we aren’t likely to suddenly throw our legs up under our feet…

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