Scholarly Saturday: Dr. Kristie Holmes Presentation on Micro To Macro

I have taken my own journey of increasing my micro to macro social work thinking  (a blog post for another day). I can’t say that it is lead me to thinking about running for office. It does have me volunteering for a suicide prevention coalition. I am also looking forward to a suicide prevention legislative action day. If you identify yourself as purely a “micro” or “clinical” social worker, I challenge you to take a careful look at THIS PRESENTATION.

A great presentation by Dr. Kristie Holmes on her journey from being a micro social worker to running for political office. It was part of Social Work Day On The Hill. It is thought provoking and inspring stuff. Thanks Dr. Holmes for sharing your story (which also has taken you to UN).

Dr Holmes

Sean 🙂




3 thoughts on “Scholarly Saturday: Dr. Kristie Holmes Presentation on Micro To Macro

    1. It is a dichotomy in social work that is sometimes controversial. Sometimes there is a rift between social workers that identify as a “clinical” social worker versus someone who does more community organizing/policy making. There are many on social media who are trying to close this gap.

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      1. I’m all for closing gaps and bridging divisions. Differences of opinion, as well as different approaches, are needed and healthy. Nothing in this world is either/or or all or nothing. (I realize that that statement is in itself something of a paradox… “Nothing” is…)

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