Tools for Practice Tuesday: Live Tweeting from a Conference??

Have you seen people live tweet from conferences? Want to learn more about the how to and benefits of this? Well I have two really awesome resources for you..

1) Social Work Podcast

This below link is to a podcast and accompanying blog by Dr. Jonathan Singer (aka Social Work Podcast). It gives a great how to and more importantly why should you should encourage live tweeting at your conference or event. It is near and dear my heart as it features member of The Suicide Prevention and Social Media team.

Enjoy this podcast and happy live tweeting…

social work pod cast


2 ) A great resource about the power of live tweeting is this below blog post. This talks about Dr. Bernadette Keefe’s presentation on how “Social Media is a staircase that connects to the building of the conference….”

 #Doctors20: Twitter’s Impact on Medical Conferences by Dr. Iris Thiele Isip Tan.




Sean 🙂



5 thoughts on “Tools for Practice Tuesday: Live Tweeting from a Conference??

  1. Thank you Sean for this post on Live Tweeting conferences! My dear friend, Dr Iris Thiele Islp Tan wrote a gracious post about my interest/passion/work in her piece “Twitter’s Impact on Medical Conferences”, thank you for including it here. The podcast by Dr. Jonathan Singer is excellent. Thanks for all you do on behalf of the social work world….off and on social media!

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    1. jbsinger1970

      Dr. Keefe, I’m honored that you thought the podcast episode was excellent. That is high praise. I am grateful for your work with healthcare and twitter. Amazing service you provide to the world.

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