Scholarly Saturday: Graduation 2015 edition

I am going to break format from this feature. I normally highlight a scholarly article and write a little bit why it had an impact on me. Following my twitter stream has me thinking about what participating in academic research means to me, namely because it is graduation time. Was also getting nostalgic about this exciting time for graduates. To take these research skills and GO FORTH!

I enjoy following social work academic programs so my feed has been dominated with posts like this…

I had the pleasure of being a part of two research labs as an undergraduate at Plattsburgh State University (Go Cardinals!). One of the research labs was about the effects of concussions on athletes. We completed baseline testing, data entry, assessments, and had an opportunity to go to Washington D.C. to present findings. This was a complex process to be a part of. It made me think about the tireless efforts of the professors to organize this and also the efforts of my student peers.

I wanted recognize that behind every Scholarly Saturday post, is a team of dedicated academics and students. A lot of work goes into organizing and presenting your research.  Also congratulations to all the graduates out there and thank you professors for all the wonderful work you do.  Keep the good research coming and I will keep highlighting it here ;). Look forward to seeing more graduation excitement on my feed.


Sean 🙂


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