People Are The Culture Of Healthcare

It was great to have my tweet inspire such an inspiring blog post. We have to think critically about the “culture of care” we create…



I hear that word a lot in the world of healthcare.

Here we have a culture of patient safety. Our organization is focused on a culture of patient experience. Our University Hospital has a culture of education and research. Our health system prides itself on our culture of innovation.

The leaders are saying the right words.

Yet I observe front line employees not acting as such.

Innovation, safety, triple aim, outcomes, and experience are all buzz words. They are the words the people at the top have chosen to try and make themselves standout.

Buzzwords with little meaning when the people doing the work aren’t free to create.

Culture is the quality in a person or society that arises from a concern for what is regarded as excellent in a specific field.

A synonym for culture is art.

Most healthcare leaders want standardization, mass appeal, and their employees to…

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