commitment to living

Great reminder that when we are planning for safety, a document that says “I will not commit suicide ” is not enough. We need to co-create a plan that includes solution focused language. …


Seeing as I have been suicidal the past few weeks, sometimes intensely, other times not so much, I thought I would talk about the dreaded “no suicide contract”. In an article by Rudd, Mandrusiak, and Joiner (2006), the authors describe that there is no empirical data that proves a contract is a deterrent to suicide anymore than say pinky swearing (my words not the authors). In these times where suicide rates are going up rather than down, it is important to have something in place so that the therapist and client feels comfortable sharing the suicidal feelings without always resorting to hospitalization. The authors in this article promote a “commitment to living statement” as way to facilitate 1) identifying roles, obligations, and expectations of both clinician and client, 2) communicate openly and honestly about all aspects of treatment including talk of suicide, and 3) identify emergency services usage when client…

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