Tools For Practice Tuesday:

After knowing the developer of this internet tool, (Ursula Whiteside Ph.D) for while on social media; I felt remiss in not blogging about this resource until now.   NowMattersNow.Org has the mission to “Hack suffering” and help individuals with suicidal thoughts and promote mental wellness. It is not meant to be a replacement for therapy, but as a clinician I think this would a great extension for therapy.

Using skills from Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (including it’s founder Marsha Linehan) it features videos teaching skills. These and other video’s describe individual successes of utilizing these skills.

This is great resource for individuals and a great supplement to counseling. A great tool to empower people in between therapy sessions. This would also be a wonderful addition to a DBT group to illustrate examples and perhaps start a discussion. For an example check out their series of videos on Mindfullness. Please enjoy and share this resource with your peers because we all want “hack suffering”.

Now Matters Now




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