Connecting Twitter Communities…

…Yes there are such a thing or at least I see it this way. There are certain purpose driven or groups that share a common interest.

Q: How do the come together on twitter?

A: Via a hashtag

This was a amazing example of bringing twitter communities together…

So let me explain why this so awesome…#HCLDR represents Healthcare Leadership, a weekly tweet chat about health care issues. Tweet chats are a specific time, usually an hour where people come together to answer assigned questions using a specific hashtag. #MacroSW represents a community of Macro Social Workers (focus on community organizing and development). Also has a bi-weekly tweet chat. Both twitter communities use a hashtag during the rest of the time too.

I love that Karen suggested that both these communities come together because this weeks #HCLDR twitter chat was about the issue of (#sdoh) social determinants of health (things like wealth and access to healthcare). What a great collaboration! Bringing social workers and healthcare leaders together. But wait, I am not done…

Last week was the Zero Suicide in Healthcare Summit happened in Atlanta. This conference was using the hashtag #IIMHL2015 and #ZeroSuicide. I made an attempt to connect it with some healthcare communities via the below meme…

If you look at the fine print, nearly 18 million people had the three hashtags pass their twitter feed in the same 3 day period (actually my math was wrong it was 27 million).This garnered some interest in the Zero Suicide movement from some individuals in healthcare. My hope is that combining the hashtags that conversations happen and people consider collaborating. I don’t expect every member of each community to be interested, what I hoped by tweeting this out is that we can better connect those in healthcare with an unknown resource to assist with suicide prevention. THAT’s ZEROSUICIDE.COM 🙂

But wait there is more in the last two weeks….

The Suicide Prevention on Social Media Tweet chat (#SPSM) was having a special guest in Dr. Virna Little; she used tools in her electronic health record for suicide prevention . The goal was to perhaps connect #SPSM with folks in the Health Information Technology Field (#HITsm) . Personally I have been reaching out to #HITsm about various things in mental health care. As a result of #SPSM chat I ended up talking with some folks from #HITsm about some potential barriers to implementation.

I hope to have Suicide Prevention prevention on the #HITsm chat agenda (12pm est on friday’s, no blog for them) and #SPSM would love to come over. That is tops on my wish list. Would love to hear from other twitter evangelists; what communities have you connected with outside your area of expertise?  Are there other twitter communities you would like to collaborate with? Feel free to continue the conversation on twitter using #TCwishlist (twitter community wish list)





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