Tools For Practice Tues: #NIHDigital Talks..

The Inaugural National Institute of Health, Digital Health Summit was held yesterday. I was able to catch the opening keynote by Susannah Fox. She is the Chief Technology Officer at the U.S Department of Health and Human Services. Who better to tell us the future of digital technology as a tool for healthcare practices. Also two of the other talks were very compelling and give concrete resources for organizations integrating technology. I hope to add the video but of course it was being live tweeted. Here are some thoughts that were captured that made me think about the future of technology as a tool for health/mental health care… Looks like Health and Human services is taking the lead with their Idea Lab..

I also really enjoyed about how she sees the next steps of technology…

She even talked about the potential use of virtual reality…

Looks like she is really interested in moving the conversation about using tools for technology forward. It seems like we have along way to. Also she talked about “Unleashing empathy”. This has interesting implications for the future. Does technology have the capability to unleash empathy.  A true leader in government is thinking about technology innovation at many levels. I hope to post the video here soon but also collected all the Tweets from this talk here… image

There was also an amazing patient panel that reviewed how they are using digital technology to improve healthcare…
Also of interest to the macro social work side is how digital communication is changing the way information reaches patients. There are some concrete resources within here too..



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