#FlipTheClinic and Why it Matters to Social Work

Yes I am blogging about another conference/event I followed on twitter but again it was amazing. Flip The Clinic is “an open experiment to transform the patient-clinician experience”. They are challenging healthcare (mental health clinics too) to take on “Flips” to create “actionable” ways of “changing the healthcare encounter”. They had their first conference earlier this week and it was wonderful to follow.

As leaders in mental health and healthcare; social work has an opportunity to change how healthcare is delivered. I thought this would be a wonderful challenge for social work and health care managers to take on. It is certainly in line with the core social work values of.. “service, social justice, dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships, integrity, and competence.”

Here an the example:  “Flip # 60- Create a Crowd Sourced, Online Hub of Community Based Resources”.  This is good one for human service organizations. Got a website? add some resources that are sourced by the individuals you serve.

They currently house 80 “Flips” and growing.. Check out their video “Flip The Clinic is You” (this is how I got introduced and inspired to promote this movement)…

If you are active on twitter follow the movement and spread the word at hashtag #FlipTheClinic

For a great visual presentation of the “Flip The Clinic Summit” check out my Storify or collection of tweets.. (also pretty inspiring)..





 I ask you, how will you Flip Your Clinic?





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