It’s been a while since a wrote a free-form blog post and actually had not intended to write something until the new year. Then I got looped into a wonderful conversation on twitter about “simplicity”.  Inspired by the below tweet I was invited by Dr. James Lengan and Linda Stotsky to participate in a blab (a video chat platform powered by twitter)…

These folks are involved in healthcare and have their hand in health information technology in some way. How does one make simplicity their New Years Resolution, especially when thinking about a complex issue such as health information technology?  Linda wrote an excellent post about this found here….

She does a wonderful job talking about how organization, communication, and celebrating achievements are great ingredients but can it be that easy…

I also came across this image when doing an image search for simplicity…

Sometimes the answer is right in front of us, starring you right in the face. But is that the right answer? So am going to make things simple. When talking about healthcare, as usual, I will link mental health and physical health together. I am going to use Occam’s Razor and shave two concepts down to one.. Let’s call it ALL healthcare…

…Simple right?

This is my goal for simplicity for 2016. I want to continue to talk about how simple it is to integrate mental health and physical health. Seems like such a simple thing, but as Dr. Webster’s tweet point’s out, simplicity isn’t that simple.  Seems like the challenge is  that in making simplicity your goal you have to measure it somehow? This often leads to more complex questions.

Linda’s framework for simplifying healthcare helped me with my simple goal..

  1. Organize- Continue to promote The Zero Suicide in Health and Behavioral Care as it cooks mental health right into healthcare.
  2. Communicate- continue to engage in conversations with people and promote tools that foster communication between health and behavioral health
  3. Celebrate achievements-  Continue to promote programs that work on social media. There were a lot of success in behavioral/physical health integration that I shared in 2015, hope to share even more in 2016.

If you can join us live on twitter 12/29/15 at 8:00pm EST… If you can’t join live the very “simple” conversation will be archived at the below link as well…


What is your goal for 2016 and how can you make it more simple?






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