Tools for Practice Tuesday: Secure Text Messaging

Several weeks ago the National Council for Behavioral Health held a webinar about the use of HIPAA secure text messaging for a care coordination program. As a care manager I am enthused about the use of texting and the potential for secure video to assist with care. I really enjoyed the National Council webinar which demonstrated the potential benefits of introducing HIPAA compliant texting to your care management program….

You can find the link to the webinar HERE.

Also the Slides HERE.

As a result of catching this webinar, I was going to reach out to some companies that use HIPAA compliant texting to get more examples of how this is done.  The folks at StatChat beat me too it and contacted me.  StatChat is an mobile platform that (taken from there website)…

“enables healthcare professionals to instantly and securely communicate a wide range of healthcare communications, including critical patient information and test results, on their mobile device, utilizing our intuitive, user-friendly interface and dedicated servers”

The National Council webinar talks about the power of text messaging between patients providers. StatChat’s focus is to grow a network of providers that can communicate information in real time. It is a free platform for providers to begin to accelerate the communication of information between providers.


These are some more great examples of how technology is changing care coordination. Technology can change how information is exchanged and lead to more positive outcomes providers and the individuals we serve.

Check out more webinars from The National Council for Behavioral Health 

And for more information about StatChat check out their website




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