Tools for Practice Tuesday: #CancerBlab about the use of Social Media

I am often sharing how Suicide Prevention on Social Media uses this medium to support this cause.  This week I had the pleasure of running into the below Blab (new video platform powered by twitter) talking about the use of social media to support individuals with a cancer a diagnosis.

This blab was sponsored by “The Anti-Cancer Club”  and thanks to Robin McGee who brought it to my attention. She wrote a wonderful book called The Cancer Olympics chronicling her journey of attempting to navigate the system (and it apparently was not an easy one)

This conversation gives wonderful reasons on how clinicians and service users can use social media for cancer. They talked about how people can support each other, learn, and as one of the participants said, “it can make the world smaller”. (and if you stick around for the last ten minutes I had the pleasure to join the conversation)… Please click on the below picture to watch the full blab…

Cancer Blab




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