Tools for Practice Tuesday: Keeping up with #SWDE2016

I am trying my best to keep up with technology and how it is impacting social work direct practice. This past week I had an opportunity to catch a glimpse of how technology is effecting social work education. I was not there (a theme for me) but I followed The Social Work Distance Education Conference on twitter. This event was sponsored by The Council On Social Work Education and The Indiana University School of Social Work. Using the hashtag #SWDE2016 participants were tweeting out wonderful ideas and resources about social work pedagogy and technology.

Social Work education certainly has come a long way since 1998 and online education has played a key role. There was a great presentation done by Linda Grobman and Susan Mankita on the history of social work practice online…

It was a great juxtaposition to the updates provided at this conference. Social Work Education has had challenges but new designs and technology offer solutions. Technology is being used to empower the individuals we serve and there were examples of technology being used to empower social work students…

These tweets are just scratching the surface. There were incredible examples of mixing change in pedogogy with technology to get creative and collaborative about learning. I collected the entire three days of tweets into the below storify… If you are a social work educator or a practitioner interested in the latest trends for social work distance education check out the below storify …



Also check out Melanie Sage’s blog summary (she was actually there 😉





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