Chatting with EverythingEHR

I recently had the privilege of appearing on the EverythingEHR podcast called “Mental Health News Radio”. I was interviewed by Kristin Sunata Walker (CEO of Everthing EHR). I connected with Kristin after live twitting her presentation at the National Council Council For Behavioral Health Conference. It was a thought provoking and informative talk that had one of favorite slides ever…

She did a wonderful presentation with Scott Lloyd of MTM Services about how to choose an EHR. This presentation contained some great information and highly recommend you look at the slides found here.

For the podcast, she spent the first 20 minutes interviewing me about being a mental health professional on social media. Then I interviewed her on how to pick an EHR. WE hope you find it both fun and informative. Please click on the below image to enjoy this appearance…



Also be sure to stop by EverythingEHR, meet their team and follow them on social media.








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