Tools for Practice Tuesday: Blabbing about #SWDE2016

Recently I blogged about the Social Work Distance Education Conference and how it was exciting to see how technology is changing social work education.  The week after this post I had chance to do a live video chat with folks who were there. Using the social media video conferencing platform called Blab.IM, I had the privilege to speak with Dr. Melanie Sage, Todd Sage, LCSW , and Linda Grobman, LCSW. These are just some of the leaders and innovators in this field (I hope talk to more in the future 🙂 )

We talked about how social media is an effective tool for social work education. We talked about how it is being used, some of the barriers but mostly the benefits of social media to accelerate social work education. Also there was a discussion of how other forms of technology have evolved within social work education. Please enjoy the video below and I also posted links to some of the items we discussed below that….



Both Todd and I referenced two studies about Medical Student usage of social media..


Melanie referenced her own study about Social Media Use for Child Welfare Workers  

Melanie Described an assignment where students created some content around coping skills 

Also check out The Technology-Based Learning Task List for Social Work Education developed by Melanie Sage, Laurel Hitchcock, and Nancy Smyth.





7 thoughts on “Tools for Practice Tuesday: Blabbing about #SWDE2016

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  2. Thanks for such a great post on the future of technology in social work education. In schools, school social workers are exposed to a variety of tech tools that are used by teachers, but many aren’t adapting the same tools to teach social emotional learning. Try learning new tools and adapting them to your social work practice.


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  4. I listened to this conversation the other night while grading. I hate that I couldn’t join the conversation, but really appreciated you, Melanie, Todd & Linda taking the time to talk about the conference. I hope this is something you will keep doing as it is a great way to share information and insights from conferences.

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