Tools for Practice Tuesday: Magpi

The more I interact with mental health and healthcare on social media the more I hear about data.  Research has always played an important role in these fields. That term “big data” is certainly hurled around a lot. My question is always how can you take all this big data and turn it into something actionable for me as a clinician? The first step is to find a meaningful way to collect it.

Magpi offers a variety of mobile solutions for your organization to collect data and communicate outcomes. One can create a variety of tools for survey’s, mapping, and inspections. They can set up custom ways to measure data and quality assurance. This platform seems to offer a lot of flexible means to do so.

Magpi Logo

This kind of mobile data collection holds a lot of potential for mental health and child welfare. These tools give your teams the opportunity to collect data in real time. I also see the potential to collaborate with other organizations to develop paperless surveys and data. For organizations and healthcare facilities that do home and community based work, survey and mapping functions seem like a wonderful tool. It can also integrate with your electronic health record.  That will provide a nice mix of both record and data collection.

From the mental health perspective data collection is becoming more important to inform care and assist with funding. Magpi has assisted organizations tackle issues like earthquakes and Ebola. If it can assist with coming up with actionable data for these issues, why not mental health and the public health crisis of suicide prevention.  If your organization is seeking a solution to collect mobile data, check out Magpi.

Also watch Magpi creator, Dr. Joel Selanikio, talk about his vision in the below Ted Talk…


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