Tools For Practice Tuesday: RowdMap and Open Data

As always I do my best work running into resources on twitter. This time I was following the Health Datapolooza Conference (#hdpalooza- Yes is it a real thing)  Last week I discussed a resource for data to help understand consumer feedback. This was based on the concept that data can be aggregated and also give us feedback in real time. In doing so, analyzing data perhaps better help inform us how to make services better.

This week’s resource is similar; RowdMap is a company that helps your healthcare organization understand data that is available in variety of sources. Taking a deep dive into this data to better help define value and fiscal risk. They specialize in helping organizations be prepared from the transition from fee-for-service to value based care.

They on a variety of sources including but not limited to already open data, academic reports, and a partnership with U.S News and World Report. Using data in your area try to look at relevant data that are both under and over utilized.

From the Care Management perspective, I was intrigued by their presentation at Health Datapalooza…



I had some questions about how this relates to mental health and behavioral health integration so I reached out to co-founder and Chief Science Officer; Dr. Josh Rosenthal. I had the pleasure to chat with him briefly on the phone to understand the potential of RowdMap for these areas.They have started doing some work with medicaid around the value of mental health. He has been working with some primary care settings and looking at some medicaid data around mental health mental health. There is tremendous potential in this area but it is early on.  He reported that mental health is a bit more of challenge as it is difficult to measure. Area’s like cardiology and orthopedics are easier to measure in terms of the services provided.

The biggest advice he offered me is for Mental Health providers and other non-profits is to dive into some of the open data sources that are out there. The goal will be to understand what metrics are being captured and how they might matter to you.  He advised me to check out I also did some research and found and in New York State found Health Data NY.  In a brief exploration of these resources, it it has a lot potential. You will probably need someone who is data/tech savvy to take a look at this but you can mine meaningful numbers.

I am going to take a little more time myself but I would love to hear from organizations who are using these open data sources from the government. In the meantime, if your organization is preparing for value-based care; be sure to connect with RowdMap.



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