Tools For Practice Tuesday: Docz

I am back from a summer blog break and hope to get back into a rhythm with the Tools for Practice Tuesday.  Excited to start back up with a great resource. With a variety of technology being introduced for mental health treatment it important to include a “human touch”. This week’s tool strikes a good balance between technology that also provides a human touch.

Docz describes their program well on their website …

Docz is an online community for those affected by mental health issues and the people who care about them.

Docz is an active,real-time,mobile community where you can ask questions or give advice to people just like you. Browse expert-verified answers.

Both peer to peer support and access to professionally vetted information exist. There is ability to pose questions to the group, these answers are moderated by professionals.

      img_2254        img_2255

There is also a capacity for private chat. It’s also free. From the care management perspective Docz appears like a good adjunct for patients and families to look to for support and advice.. Click on the below logo to get to their website.


Also follow them on Social Media at the following







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