Chatting with Marcia Epstein, LMSW on Talk With ME

My interests continue to evolve but me taking the plunge into social media started with the therapeutic relationship.  Not only did I start to share resources that I found helpful but also started to listen and learn from others. Social media has been fertile ground for my interest in how the therapist or providers’ thoughts and feelings impact care.

It has become an interesting tool to learn from other disciplines and people that have received services.  I had the pleasure of talking with Marcia Epstein (a fellow social worker) on her radio show. We talked about the therapeutic relationship, social media, and where they meet. You will also find some helpful links to some of the things we talked about below.


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Marcia and I also talked about some of our favorite places to hang out on the internet.. pay them a visit too…

 I hope you find this an informative show. Any feedback is welcome to either myself or Marcia.

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