3 thoughts on “The “Facebook Manifesto” & Why Social Work Should Come Along For The Ride

  1. Rachel@socialworkcommunity

    Interesting reflection! I definitely can see the parallels. Thanks for sharing your thoughts–I have definitely seen some positive community building happening with social workers on-line and via social media. Social workers have always been at the forefront of community building so I believe we’ll continue to be as the global community grows!

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  2. Carol Ann Campbell

    I believe that as social workers we share core values of dignity, respect, and belief in the intrinsic worth of each human being. This, when placed in a broader context can serve as a roadmap for building the infrastructure on Facebook to show others that we can live together with respect for differences without fear of the Other.
    Facebook provides one of the largest NGO platforms for exchanging ideas, where everyone around the world can express themselves in a democratic process. If we do not have structures in place to guard against propaganda it can then become an arm for any nefarious groups or governments with an agenda. We are at the beginning of a movement that is aimed at dividing the world in order to reduce the power of people.

    Perhaps Mr. Zuckerberg could support and finance efforts for social workers to come together to engage in face to face forums and encourage the exchange of ideas aimed at finding solutions to address these global issues to fight against the erosion of truth.

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