Tools For Practice Tuesday: Stellicare

It has been while since I have done my “Tools For Practice Tuesday” feature. Every week I was attempting to feature a potential resource for social work practice, no matter what the level.   A few weeks ago it was a pleasure to get an update from blog alum Melissa McCool.  Previously featured was her “Symptom Targeted Intervention” or (STI) program. Using principals of case management and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, STI was a training for medical social workers and other medical staff.

With Stellicare, Melissa created a digital program to integrate these training concepts with treatment options. Targeting hospitals and other medical facilities, Stellicare attempts to quickly integrate behavioral concepts, symptom education, treatment, and outcomes. Using assessment tools, diagnosis, and choice; individualized protocols are developed….

This ends up producing both a client facing and clinician facing plan with educational materials, prompts, and therapy tasks.  I am a huge fan of technology being an adjunct to treatment and this is a great example. In getting a demonstration, the potential to use these tools and prompts as “homework” is wonderful.  Technology can help build a bridge for between sessions and I see Stellicare as a great example of this.  There are also ways to track progress and outcomes. You can not only track data on an individual basis but supervisors and organizations can aggregate data to perhaps better inform practice.

Change is a process and it looks like Stellicare is a great digital tool for healthcare facilities. To find out more click on the below picture to guide you  to their website to find out more…





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