Tools For Practice Tuesday: Prof2Prof

Last week I brought to you a review of a social media platform just for social workers founded by a social worker. This week is an other peer to peer solution but created for higher education. An added bonus is that it was also founded by a social worker.  As somebody just cutting my teeth with adjunct teaching, I found Dr. Kristen Slack’s solution Prof2Prof worth sharing. It is a platform where those in academia can share their work and find much needed resources.

Once registered, you can begin to look at the feed and viewing other entries …

The real power of the platform is to be able to also add your own resources. This seems to be at the soul of Dr. Slack’s founding of Prof2Prof. You have created wonderful resources, why not celebrate your accomplishments in one place.  If you there is something you have recently worked on you can add to the variety of resources below…

Despite being fairly new there already are many entries and a friendly search function as seen below. It also provides you with an opportunity to search profiles and find other people in your field…

Prof2Prof has just launched this summer already seems like a great resource. I look forward to seeing it’s growth and look forward to using it more as I venture into adjunct teaching and training opportunities.

If you are in higher education, I encourage you take a look at Prof2Prof. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.



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