Everything You Needed To Know About Social Work In One Google Search

….Well… maybe…

The Google search auto-fill is often interesting.  There are often humorous examples posted on social media like…

I am not an expert on search but just a few observations from this. Google’s algorithm this is how people are talking about Charles Darwin on the internet.  This post was inspired by coming across this tweet…

I immediately started to wonder what people are asking social work can do…

Some amusing things in there but also some interesting asks.  Role clarification for social work is complex. The public often doesn’t always understand what we do. Sometimes even within our own profession we disagree what it is that we do.  However answering questions like “can we diagnose autism?” and “can social workers be school counselors?” can help the public come to a greater understanding of what we do. I also found “Can social workers be friends with former clients?” Not sure if this meant online or in real life but either way an important question.

Even more interesting was the search “Can Therapists…”

You can see some legit ethical questions (along with some silly ones). According to Google algorithms, these are the burning questions the public wants to know.  I would encourage you to Google your profession and ask what it “can” do.  It was fascinating to see how people are talking about it and the conversation continued on twitter..

This would be an interesting class assignment at the graduate and undergraduate level. On could go deeper into the search results and write about that.  Also if you are a blogger with writers block this may be good fodder for a post (very meta because you are reading this post now).  It may be helpful for organizations to craft a marketing campaign. Do a search “Can <your organization>?>

I also encourage people to Google themselves to assess what people could be saying about them. This is a good practice to manage your online reputation.  It is interesting how Google can tell a small but important tale about you, your organization, and your profession.

Would also like to hear stories of what other people have learned from Google searches. Please feel free to comment below, tweet me at @stuckonsw or also email stuckonsw@gmail.com 





Chatting with @RN_Solutions

Last week I had the pleasure to chat with Amelia Roberts, RN on her podcast. She owns “Solutions By Amelia”, whose mission is to “Do Entrepreneurship In Healthy Way”. She works with healthcare providers and others to help build their business and social media presence.

We talked about a variety of ways you can use social media for professional development. I had the pleasure of collaborating with Amelia last year on the Symplur/MedX challenge. We were able to dive deep into some social media analytics to find out of suicide prevention and professionals were “talking on twitter”.

We caught up on how I have been using social media to grow professionally, “listen” to conversations, and network… it was a great conversation and check it out here…


Also check out the results from our research from the Symplur / MedX Research Challenge here..


And if you have not already, check out two of my favorite Twitter Chats.

Suicide Prevention on Social Media

Macro Social Work Chat


Also be sure find out how Amelia can help you at her website “Solutions By Amelia“.

You can also find her on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.






Why I Joined The #SWKresistance

If you are on social media you might have seen the hashtags #Resist or #TheResistance. This symbolizes people who are more than unsatisfied with the Trump Administration.  Come to think of it, “unsatisfied” might be the understatement of the year. People are angry.  His proposed policies hurt many vulnerable individuals; Refugees, Immigrants, women, and people with Chronic Health conditions ( just to name a few).  Based on my work with vulnerable youth, policies effecting healthcare and education are alarming. It is for that reason I have joined and helping to organize The Social Work Resistance (#SWKresistance)

From the social work perspective, proposed legislation and already completed executive orders are disturbing.  Before I talk about how passionately about fighting Trump’s agenda, we need to do a slight disclaimer. President Trump spoke to a lot of under-served people. His voters felt marginalized or slighted.  I don’t think it’s fair to have a conversation without first acknowledging this.  However, the policies put forth seem to not benefit these individuals.  As social workers we need to respect these individuals but also present information in a competent manner.  This is the role of the “Social Work Resistance”. Their mission is to

To transform the social work profession to one that is politically active by educating social workers about policies impacting them and their clients, establishing social workers as credible voices for political change, and mobilizing the profession to take action against anti-social work policies.

Whenever I grapple with issues, political or otherwise, I find looking at the core values and ethics of social work helpful.  This idea was first brought to me be the Ohio Chapter of The National Association of Social Workers. In reaction to the initial executive order on the Travel Ban and suspension of the Syrian refugee program, they created this…

Even before him arriving in office, it was clear President Trump’s values conflict with social work values.  Just seeing it in black and white is helpful.   In looking at the core values of  service, social justice, dignity and worth of individuals, integrity, and competence. His policies and rhetoric often fly in the face of our profession.

New Justice Department policies call for harsher sentences for minor crimes are a blow to social justice. Healthcare policies effecting reproductive justice for women detract from the dignity of worth of individuals. The administration has often lied and talked about alternative facts. Proposed changes in the Environmental Protection Agency, Justice Department, and Health and Human Services devalue the competency of science.

If you are in social work practice, one of many of these policies will effect your population.  There continues to be an assault on Medicaid and this is what I am fighting for. This administration will have you believe that they would like to improve the situation.  I created this twitter moment about how inaccurate this is…


Also working with youth I am concerned about education in under-served communities and assistance with transitional age youth. Proposed changes in education seem to be an assault on this as well..

  Trump’s Budget calls for Deep Cuts in Education 

As a social worker, I suspect you have your shortlist of things the Republican administration will impact your practice. No matter who the President is, the one undeniable core value of social work is “Service“.

Being prone to complaining about The Trump Administration was not enough. I wanted to use my social media presence to attempt to take action for social work and the vulnerable people we serve.

The first initiative put forth to Resist for Social Work is fighting the proposed budget’s implications on Loan Forgiveness for Social Work. At this point, we need to fight for our profession so that we can fight for others…

Please go to the Save Student Loan Forgiveness for Social Work page to sign the petition and find out how proposed education cuts would profoundly effect our profession.

We will also attempt to continue to create a dialogue on how policies will effect us and the individuals we serve.  Please stay tuned to The Social Work Resistance on Social Media on…




Use the hashtag #SWKresistance to add things that matter to you (we will try our best to keep up)