Awesome Virtual High Five and The Power of Social Media

Two days this week I have followed the Texas Suicide Prevention Conference on Twitter. If you follow me on twitter you MIGHT have seen some tweets from #TxSP15. I love following conference hashtags and I am certain I mentioned this before. It is fun to tweet out resources and thoughts from conferences. They contain a lot of value and for more info check out my twitter conference resource blog.

So as a case manager I was really psyched to see this tweet…

Sarah was quoting Dr. David Jobes, a true leader in the suicide prevention community. I responded with my enthusiasm about this tweet…

I opened up my bag to get into work and checked my phone to see that Dr. Jobes obliged my request..

Social media is such a powerful tool for learning and networking. This is another prime example of the power of social media. Social media often gets a bad wrap but there is such room for positive messages and connections. In the same conference Dr. Dan Reidenberg talked about the notion of “safe messaging” for suicide prevention. He talked about the use of positive reporting and quotes about suicide to be “Thoughtful, Careful, and Strategic”.

Dr. Reidenberg also presented some wonderful resources:


Social media can be a place to change the conversation about suicide. The conversation can be one of safety, respect, and then a positive narrative. You have resources and there are ways to continue the conversation even further. I have blogged about the hashtag #SPSM (Suicide Prevention On Social Media); well I am going to do it again. Dr. Jonathan Singer went on to talk about SPSM Chat..

If you are passionate about suicide prevention, please dive into twitter and join. Check out SPSM chat. It is community passionate people, finding resources and also changing the conversation. Without engaging in this wonderful community, I would not have gotten the virtual high five from Dr. David Jobes. I think it is symbolic of a positive message that are offered on social media. It reminded me of the numerous positive exchanges that I have had about creating solutions and changing language to create a positive narrative. Keep the high fives going.

Sean 🙂



3 thoughts on “Awesome Virtual High Five and The Power of Social Media

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